Large Selection of Fishing Reels in Randolph County, WV

At Middle Mountain Sporting Goods in Randolph County, West Virginia we carry a large selection of reels to fit your fishing needs. Selecting the right reel for your rod and the fish you are trying to catch is important. From freshwater fishing of ponds, rivers and lakes, to fly fishing and spin cast fishing, we have what you are looking for. Our knowledgeable staff can help point you in the right direction. We carry spinning reels, bait casting reels, and fly fishing reels. We encourage you to come by our store and see our selection and affordable prices for yourself.

Our spinning reels are perfect for small fish to medium sized fish. They are the most common type of reel. They are extremely versatile when it comes to the tackle you use except they do not do well if you are using heavy lure. If you are fishing for bass, trout, panfish, or other fish of this size these are perfect for you. Our bait casting reels are for anglers looking for more control and accuracy when fishing. They only work with lures. If you are an experienced fisherman and only using lures, they are perfect for you.

There are three types of fly fishing reels. They are automatic, multiplier, and single action. Finding the right one for heavier fish or lighter fish is important. At Middle Mountain Sporting Goods we carry all three. Stop in and talk to one of our experienced employees or give our store a call us at 304-636-5569.

At Middle Mountain Sporting Goods we carry the following top notch brands of reels:

  • Shimano
  • Penn
  • Okuma
  • Berkley
  • Eagle Claw
  • Daiwa
  • Mitchell
Middle Mountain Sporting Goods carriers high quality fishing reel brands including Shimano, Okuma, Berkley, Eagle Claw & more.
Middle Mountain Sporting Goods offers a large selection of fishing reels in Elkins, WV